About Kathy’s Miracle


A mother of 5, and 26 weeks pregnant, Kathy received a devastating diagnosis a few short weeks ago.  A ravaging cancer has entrenched itself throughout her body.  The doctors say there are only days, maybe weeks left. With an inability to save herself, Kathy is devoting her strength to giving birth to the little one inside…one last act of selfless love. The financial burden can only be managed if the burden is shared by all. Losing someone to cancer is different for each family. Cancer in our family looks like a young father kneeling down to tell his children that their mother is going to go to heaven. To us it sounds like, “I don’t want my mom to die, I don’t want my mom to die!” However, the strength of her spirit is immeasurable and it will continue! She waits, at peace, in the company of her husband, children, and her God! We pray for a miracle like those we hear about while sharing stories in church, but we are preparing for life for a husband without his wife, children without their mother, and laughter without her signature giggle. The young life within her will be her last great work on this earth. At 26 weeks pregnant, the baby is making an early entrance. He won’t know his mother. Only stories told by his older siblings, pictures of a dark haired beauty, videos of a vibrant, energetic woman, and a reflection of her as he gazes into the mirror. Kathy, you leave us much to soon! I would join your little one and cry, “I don’t want you to die, I don’t want you to die!” In the end, we will see you again, and until then, God be with you!