One in three women will be assaulted during their life time and only 80% of them will fight back. There also exists a spiritual assault on all of humanity.


When the adversaries insidious threats imperil our social fabric; our Righteous Women bind us together. When any needful or threatened Sister reaches out for help; let our hand channel strength enough to love, aid, and protect. When creatures of nefarious intent; unworthy to be called Men, enter our vicinity; let them be filled with hesitation and doubt because of the Fight every ‘Girl’ quietly wields; HERE BE DRAGONS!


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  • Anonymous

    I love this!

  • Holly

    I really enjoy reading your entries. This one is a bit puzzling though, I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Lol.

  • Kay

    I love this entry! I love and appreciate all your entries, Nate. Your children’s entries are touching as well. We have been battling respiratory germs off and on since before Christmas and are excited for spring, better air quality, and a desire to have energy to get out and play. I wish you well and want to thank you all for all your strength and example. Keep slugging.