When to take Antidepressants?

When to take Antidepressants? Life is personal but we all still have the same aim; the perfection of our individual spirits. Ironically this does not come about by being perfect and without flaw and so a measure of wisdom becomes critical. If by attempting to overcome depression naturally you destroy your family, dissolve your character, and even threaten or lose your life; the adversary has won. On the other hand if you take Antidepressants and feel great and neglect the opportunity to break your heart from that which weakens you, and to nourish good habits of mind, body, and heart; the adversary has won again. I never have taken Antidepressants personally but I have cared for many that do and simply wanted to share my opinion and support. Put simply, God cares about what moves us toward righteousness, we will not be condemned because we found a supposedly inferior way to move us closer to him.


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