The Junk Food Whisperer

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  • katrin

    did you ever try one of these climbing places at your area? it´s great fun with the kids and you can easily manage 3 or 4 at once. it also makes them feel aware of their body, their power and their ability to focus on one thing. …and you won´t be satisfied with junkfood afterwards…as you/they`ll need some more powerfull food 😉

  • Nancy H

    Great topic, the struggle is real. =) Every day I tell myself I will do better, and sometimes I do, but other times it seems like comfort food has a pull that is stronger than I am. It really helps to hear from others that struggle too. It is as if there is a wall I need to break through. I have accomplished many things that I set out to do in life, yet this one thing is difficult, and I don’t know why. Thanks for posting, Nate!

  • NathanTaylor

    Great thoughts everyone; these are helpful for me:) I am really trying to be aware of how to ‘fail better’; like okay I dont want to eat this healthy stuff right now, I need something else; what is a reasonable comfort food now. I also am looking for ways to be active that is naturally fun, so I went to Crystal Hot springs twice this week; one time with Ally, and one time with Chase… We can do this!

  • Anonymous

    You just described my lifestyle. A few years ago some hard things happened in my own family. I use to run marathons and be very aware of what I was fueling my body with, however, I completely fell off that wagon and began mind/emotionally numbing myself with junk food and movie nights at home-never in public. I want to be done with that behavior! I want to leave my own pity party. It actually doesn’t feel that great. A talk in church helped me have a huge light bulb moment! The speaker said, “Be aware of Satans SMALL lies that he gets you to believe.” I’ve heard this before…many times in fact, but that Sunday I had new ears to hear with. I pondered upon those words and the following phrases came to mind, the “small lies” Satan had personalized just for me: “You don’t have time”, “Look at everything that’s happened to you, you’re entitled to whatever you want!”, “You’re worthy of rewards”. It was CRAZY! My eyes had been opened! To quote the movie, “Elf”, I was, “sitting on a thrown of lies!” I’ve decided, instead of saying I’m working on eating less, or eating more healthy, or losing weight, my New Years lifestyle change is “increased self discipline”. It’s about ” re-entry” after a traumatizing event or chain of events. SELF DISCIPLINE is something that’s needed for me in more areas than eating…household chores, my internal dialogue, complaining, service, energy. I want to be better and to recognize the “little lies” Satan’s been getting me to believe. I’m busting out of that pot of lobsters! No more pulling me back in! As long as the sun rises, I’ll try again and again!

  • iskra

    Dear Nathan,
    I have been following your and your´s brave late wife´s story. You have been a great inspiration the love that you share with your family. i think that you are still grieving and adjusting to the change in your life and you are eating junk food because it is something that gives you a quick joy and satisfaction and does not require effort. My quick advice don´t purchase foods that you think you should not be eating and prepare snack a head of time so you can grab it when you need comfort. carrots, almonds, celery stick, light cream cheese, home made ships from sweet potatoes….just be creative…and let the spiritual endless love heal you from inside out.

  • Britney Stevens

    There is a poem by Yeats called “Stolen Child”. It makes me think of how we have all become disconnected by media, junk food, etc. and it’s time to stop. We need to “come away, oh human child, to the waters and the wild… for the world’s more full of weeping than he can understand” – very paraphrased.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, that was entertaining. 🙂 Curse the chocolate cake, haha. It truly is hard being a single parent! I find my weight fluctuates depending on the kind of stress I’m experiencing. To be emotionally healthy is a good start to being physically healthy, which all of it is connected, so it does increase spiritual health. I really just need to make a list of coping skills that I can resort to as soon as I feel the urge to reach for the chocolate cake, haha. It’s the little things. “Prior proper planning,” my husband used to say. I’m counting it as a victory that I have not given into the craving of a McDonald’s apple pie yet! I don’t have them often but that craving has been plaguing me for days now, haha. 🙂

  • The junk food whisperer has been whispering to me this entire year. I think I will join you in your resolve to eat healthy. There is additional information about how much sugar we consume and how unhealthy it is. Dang sugar, it just makes things taste so good and it helps a kale shake go down a little easier.