Sibling Rivalry!

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  • Anonymous

    What a sweet little boy. Your mom must be so proud of you.

  • Nancy H.

    How eloquent! Thank you for such an inspiring message. Your mother was a strong and loving role model and continues to watch over you. Yes, she faced many trials and challenges with a pure heart and always had a smile for others. May us all take a lesson from her ability to handle things with such grace.

  • Being friends with your brother is worth it. Your mom is a good example for you, stay strong as you and your brother become, not just friends, but good friends. She will be happy to see what a charming young man you have become. I am sure you miss her but I feel she is aware of you and your trials and she is cheering you on.

  • Cheryl Layne

    Such insight and courage in a young boy. I know you will not give up. We all make mistakes and need to pray for strength. Your mom is watching over you and I know is very proud of you.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Very well said. We love you & your family.

  • Nancy

    Wise words from this young man. I can see confidence in his eyes and I believe him when he says he will not give up. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!