Glimpsing Motherhood!

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  • Vera

    Nathan you are a great dad!

  • Anonymous

    I had to watch my three young children when my wife left town for a week. I could barely handle it. I agree, Mothers are superhuman. Great post!

  • I am honored to mourn with you.

  • Anonymous

    Your compassion and ability to show such tenderness is a Christ like quality. I can feel the love you have for your children… they will honor you long after you’re gone because of the good man and father you have been to them. Happy New Year. I hope that one day these happy time holidays will be a time of joy for you once again. God bless.

  • Wendy

    May God bless you and your beautiful children. I think of your beautiful Kathy and pray for all of you often.
    I don’t understand why your Kathy was called to the other side when clearly she fought so hard to be here with you and your children who need her here. Unfortunately, it is not for us to question these things.
    May she watch over all of you always. One day at a time Nate. One day at a time.

  • Nancy

    Well stated, Nate! As I listened, I felt proud of you, impressed by you, and also my heart is warmed in knowing that the children have a father that can give them such gentle affection. Such an important need. May they forever be secure in the love their father feels for them! Thank you for sharing!