How it Feels to live a year without Kathy


I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things. 1 Nephi 11:17






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  • It is good to hear from you. Many have been wondering how you and your family are getting on. Your hope is inspiring and your love is sweet. Kathy must love you very much. I hope you are able to feel her love through the boundary of this transition.

  • Dawn

    Hi Nathan. We went to school together and my little sister went to school with Kathy. I have followed your experiences and have truly mourned along with you. I was moved to share my experience as I watched your video. My sister passed away from cancer five years ago this month. When she passed I asked myself exactly the same question you have asked yourself. Why would God take someone who was doing so much good on this earth? I still ask myself that all of these years later. It is still hard to imagine why so many awful people exist on this planet and the ones who are contributing so much good to it are taken away. That being said, I also have felt her very close to me and have been moved to tears as I have felt her assure me she is still doing much good. She is working so hard helping other people on the other side of the veil. The human side of me still has my moments of questioning God’s wisdom, but I am grateful to have those times of questioning answered with a beautiful blessing of reassurance that the good she was doing here hasn’t stopped. I know this is something you know as well, I am not questioning that at all, but I just felt moved to share that this is a struggle shared by others. One I imagine is only amplified when it is a spouse and the mother of your children and you are also responsible for these little people who miss their mommy. My prayers have been and will continue to be with you and your children.

  • An admirer

    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I’m grateful for your strength and example and I mourn your loss of Kathy. My heart aches for your sweet children and I pray they can be resilient.

  • Cindy

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have wondered over these last 6 months how you and the kids were doing.

  • Vicki

    I have often thought about you and your family.Thanks for the update and allowing us into your life.lots of us have a ton of love and admiration for you.My heart is heavy right now with my own burdens and your story lets me know not to wallow too much as it could be worse.Thanks for showing me the perspective I should have.You touch so many of us.I hope you feel the touch back.

  • Holley

    Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts. I appreciated your honesty that you do not understand why a righteous woman that was doing so
    Much good here was taken. I know Heavenly Father had other plans for my husband as well but I do not understand why. He was the best husband and dad.We wanted him here. But I trust Heavenly Father and know he knows. You have had a heavy load to bear. The video your little girl posted shows that you are doing a wonderful job with your kids. Your Kathy must be so proud of you.

  • Anonymous

    It is such a brutal reality – to want, with your entire being – to see, hear and hold a loved one, but nothing you can do will ever make that happen (in this life). I am so sorry for the loss of Kathy, who was a beloved and devoted wife, mother and witness of God. Watching your video, I felt your (and your children’s) longing to see her again. Right now there seems like there are not any good answers to “why”. In time, the journeys of you and your children, will reflect the growth, character and fortitude that comes from such a hardship. I hope there will be future moments of clarity, when God’s plan is clear. God bless you and your beautiful children, and may you find comfort with each passing day and year. Thank you for posting the photos and your video….. wonderful to see! Lots of love from my family to yours.

  • Heather

    My heart brakes for you!! Life is hard and hard every day! Embrace the good times and love your little ones. God bless and get a hair cut! Hair cuts make everything better!!

  • Kay

    I wish we knew the answer to those hard questions. The video cut off before the end; hope you post again soon if you can. We appreciate and admire you for your caring. Enjoy your hair while you still have it!

  • Kathy Gibson

    You are so spot on with your feelings❤️ I am passing the 8 month mark as we have some before my hubby and I were married for 33 years however I miss him so much and am so lonely for him and only him😊❤️😇

  • Dawn M Wisdom

    That was so moving and I hope you’ll post video blogs more often!! And DONT limit them to 4 minutes! Your thoughts and emotions can’t be packed into a 4 minute video. I appreciate you updating us on how life is for you after the first year. The video blog is going to be so beautiful for your kids to view years from now. I hope your 2016 is one of “firsts for you”- not the “firsts without Kathy”.. Kathy is always right there no matter what- and this year, I hope that you are able to start seeing your new world through your eyes, and not the eyes of sadness. You’re a fantastic writer Nate, and I hope you keep writing and video blogging for us. I feel like a thirst has been quenched when you write- your words are that good! Thank you for continuing to allow us into your world, no matter how happy or sad you are. You keep on doing what you’re doing! Hugs!

  • lisa anstey

    Not sure how to put this. Atleast you have nothing to feel guilty about. I live with guilt everyday for damaging my kids with 2 failed marriages and obviously long stories, but don’t see how God can forgive me. I have changed my life and now follow our heavenly father and pray for forgiveness and the Lord has blessed my children and me immensely. You and Cathy are righteous follows of our heavenly father. You have done nothing against God’s will. You will be rewarded at some time. I pray your reward begins to show now in the present as it will surely show in the future and for all eternity and that is a pretty cool thing to look forward to. I pray that i may be privileged to enter heaven one day and meet your angel Cathy. Until then i know she wants you to find Joy and Peace in the present on this earth- a challenge but i just know you will achieve not only for yourself but for you children- your angel babies is what i like to call them 🙂