Happy New Year!


Family releasing balloons in memory of Kathy and Luke.



Writing letters to send to Mommy.

Writing letters to send to Mommy.

Watching letters float up to Kathy

Watching letters float up to Kathy



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  • Holly

    Happy New Year to you and your sweet family. I constantly check this site for updates, hoping you’d post sooner than the 6 months you anticipated and was THRILLED to see your posts and pictures. I continue to keep you and the children close in prayer and hope you have found peace and joy in your memories. I look forward to more posts now that you’re back. Thoughts and prayers from Mayberry, NC.

  • Nancy Herman

    Nate, thank you SO MUCH for the photos of the children, and the releasing of balloons/letters to Kathy. I check the site often, hoping for an update on your family, and was so happy to see the post this morning. I wish you and your family a new year filled with love, joy and brighter days. You are thought of often!

  • Kay

    Oh goody, been checking back often for updates and am so delighted to find this. I love hearing about your family, all the important stuff you learn and are willing to share with us. Your entries and pics bring us joy. Much peace and joy back at ya.

  • Suzannah

    BEAUTIFUL. :’) The first year is the hardest… and you survived! With a clean kitchen! That’s amazing! Good work! 🙂 I’m truly relieved to see this post. You’ve all been in my thoughts and prayers and I’m sure Kathy is so proud of you and your little ones. May God continue to bless you on this journey.

  • BlessedX5

    Prayers to you and your children!!!!

  • Stacy

    Been thinking of you all during the year mark of Kathy’s passing. Sweet to see such delight in the kids face as their letters went to Heaven.

  • Dawn M Wisdom

    Happy New Year Nate!

    I wanted to email you on here yesterday, to let you know that I was thinking of you, the kids and Kathy, but the site wouldn’t let me. I’m so thrilled to see this post! I hope you are feeling like it’s not so impossible and that you are laughing a lot more than you are crying. I have thought about you a lot over this past month. Please update us more than every six months! 🙂 You’re a wonderful writer and you have a way of helping us all with this whole thing. This truly has been a story that has left its own imprint on each of us for different reasons- and each of us have looked to you to help us navigate through our own grief. Happy New Year! I hope that 2016 is the start of a journey that helps you in ways that are necessary and needful for you and the kids. You are truly loved and thought of over here in Music City. Hugs!! <3